Empowering The Community Banking Industry To Meet Today's Challenges

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Diversify loan portfolios and optimize balance sheets


Expand access to capital your bank can deliver to clients via market cohesion


Ensure CRA and other regulatory requirements are met effectively


Provide data & analytics to forecast balance sheet impact of certain transactions

Community Capital understands the challenges facing America’s community banks

Community Capital Technology (CCT) is a digital marketplace designed to serve the community banking industry. CCT empowers community banks across the country to participate in the highest quality originations and to post their own assets - with the goal to maintain and improve financial health so they can focus on serving their community.

Our vision

At Community Capital Technology we believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We live this everyday as we strive to support a strong community banking ecosystem that facilitates economic growth and financial stability across the Country.

Technology Enabled Marketplace

Community Capital offers our member banks access to the marketplace, which leverages proprietary technology to give visibility on unique debt participation, capital markets, and CRA enhancement opportunities.

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